Sedona, Games and My First Review

What a fun and exciting week it’s been! I got home after my fabulous vacation in Sedona – a selection of photos are in the gallery at the bottom of the page – to find the beautiful Floridian sunrise and sunsets waiting for me. It was almost as if they had been waiting for me and my camera to return so I could share them with you all.

If you haven’t “liked” my Facebook page already, you have missed a fun competition. I shared one of my photographs and asked all my Facebook friends to guess whether it was of sunrise, or sunset. There will be more fun and games to come so why not head over there to the sidebar and click on the button so you can join in?

Of course, the most exciting thing this past week was the first review of my book! I am super excited that it’s such a good one and I hope it will be the first of many. You can visit Conny Withay’s review site to read the full review here but I must share this little snippet with you.

“Although the book has a wide range of different religious beliefs and no photograph can capture a majestic scene completely, viewing a beautiful sunrise or sunset shows how the Creator of the universe is amazingly artistic and creative.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself!

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Enjoy the photographs and have a great week!

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