Sunrise, Tardiness and Lots To Do!

We’re only eighteen days away from the official October 28th launch and I’m starting to wake up in the middle of the night thinking of all the things I have still to get done. It’s high anxiety of the most positive kind (if that’s possible). I’m feverishly contacting colleagues in the media, asking them to PLEASE do something; I’m writing articles for magazines and being interviewed them (blush); and I’m tugging on the folks who are not responding (argh).

In the midst of all this, I composed, recorded and shipped off a theme song for a new women’s conference called “Women Reshaping the World” which was debuted (in my absence) in Halifax, Nova Scotia this Tuesday. I’m relieved to say they reported back that my song was well received. What a relief! You can listen to the song, “What if it were…a woman”, below but it will only be up for a couple of weeks: Tell me what you think?

Most importantly, my sunrise/sunset obsession is in full bloom and until the “fall forward” time change occurs, I will reliably be late for work each day as the sun decides to poke through the clouds and over the horizon later and later each day. Between that and the unbearable highway traffic, I don’t have a chance of getting in on time but at least my being tardy has professional motivation. P.S. when that time change does happen, can someone please petition my boss to let me leave work early? I can’t imagine missing a whole season of sunsets. Can you?

You should also see what’s happening on my Facebook (book/fan) page. People are starting to come forward and help me create a community by posting their gorgeous photos from around the world. I hope you’ll do the same!

As usual, I’ve included a selection of this week’s photos below. Enjoy and have an awesome week!

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