Winter Holidays are Upon Us – and we’re raring to go!

Here I am, not as faithfully as my previous weekly posts, but being so busy has hampered my blog scheduling just a bit. I’m hopeful that the New Year will have me back on track. Soooooooo…..what are YOU doing for Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, all of the above? Traveling? If you are, be sure to snap some sunrises and sunsets and share them on my Facebook page!

The community is growing there. I call them (and me) my “backyard photographers.” Many deserve a higher caliber title but all in all, we’re all just pilgrims journeying through this world and sharing the beauty we see from the lens of whatever camera suits us. Imagine, some of the photos in my book are actually iphone pics. I love and value those as much as the others.

My book tour is winding down with my hometown signing taking place this Saturday in Boynton Beaach at the Barnes & Noble. In the meantime, I’ve been to Pittsburgh, St. Petersburgh, FL, Vero Beach, Santa Monica and Ventura. While in California, I fell in love with Ojai, the hometown of my first spiritual mentor, Krishnamurti. What an amazing sensation that was as I actually stayed in a house where he used to teach. Oh, did I mention that I spent that day visiting the one and only Kirk Douglas, visiting him and his wife in their Beverly Hills home? One of the perks of working for his publisher, you can imagine how dazzled I was. What a classy couple they are still – at 98 and 84. Beautiful people. It was, of course, my honor to be there. And, I got to be on Frank De Caro’s Sirius/XM radio show. Just plain fun, that was. He’s one of my fave authors who I was lucky to have contribute (the really only funny passage) to my book!

I’m not yet skilled in putting together the slide shows like my former web angel, Nettie, but I will post some photos from the last little bit of time the best I can, Enjoy and continue to stop and “smell the sunrise.” Be grateful for what your life entails and drink in the tremendous love and light of the holiday season.


VeroBeachSigning WednesdayDecSunrise1 WednesdayDecSunrise2 WednesdayDecSunrise3KirkDouglas photo 1Frank De Caro

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