Lovely images, lovely words, and some plans

The weeks are flying by. 2015 feels like a big year to me. The one thing that’s been sorely missing is a consistent showing of the sun. But, we do what we can and I continue to snap the elusive picture and dig into the archives for some historically pleasing photos. And, on Facebook (shown here), we’re getting pretty regular about matching my photos with NEW inspirational passages. At least, new to me. Going through the pages of well-known people – as in the style of the book (Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude) but lately placing the words right onto the photos. Let me know what you think about this newer style idea. Contemplating new ideas for a next book, too. What do you think about focusing on clouds? Match them up with some meditations or more passages in the style of the first book. (First book, that makes me blush to be able to say that). Anyway, I’m anxious for your feedback. Meanwhile, some nice things are cooking for Sunrise, Sunset (the book). Jumping on the radio today in Montana, will be on Edie Weinstein’s show in Feb (will get details) and will have a feature in the mega-grocery-store-circulated magazine, FIRST FOR WOMEN in March. Can you believe it? I hardly can. Then another in a South Florida, very lovely, glossy magazine called LIFESTYLE. Also in March or April. My book will be the souvenir in everyone’s goodie bags at two esteemed events here in South Florida, AVDA’s luncheon  on February24th (to whom proceeds from the book are donated to help victims of domestic violence) and the annual volunteer luncheon for the LITERACY COALITION OF PALM BEACH on March 12th. On March 7th, you can find me at the Intuitive Fair at Changing Times bookstore in West Palm . That should be good fun. And, while I’m in a showing off mode, have you seen the article I wrote for It’s called: Chase Your Passion: Do These 5 Things To Achieve Your Dreams. I’m pretty proud of it and hope you enjoy it! See you around the sunrise and sunsets and hope you’ll add your beauties to the Facebook page. We’re waiting for you!

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