Closing in on January – hello (almost) February

Whew! Is this year going super fast or is it just my brain slowing down? I was without John for 19 days while he worked away in tugboat land, this time in Shanghai. He hated being there (sorry to say) and I couldn’t wait for him to come back. My sunshine comes in more packages than one, and John is an essential ray in my life. I realize that even more when there’s a gap like this. But, he did send pictures of a brand spanking new tugboat suspended in the air ready to get placed on the vessel assigned to bring it to Panama – what – ? Never mind. Let’s just say, I’m one of the few lucky ladies that you’ll meet who receives tugboat pictures. (That’s why we call him Tugboat Johnny!)

Meanwhile, there was my favorite opera, La Boheme, an Audra McDonald presentation (disappointing – too much talk, not enough singing), book club, radio interviews and dinners with friends. Last night a beautiful meditation group invited me to present my book (John was MIA in Panama). Even a pre-Panama jaunt with John to Ormond Beach had me taking sunrise pictures from the ground for a change.(Loved the sparkling on the sand!)

The constant in my life was/is the waking up to the awesome-ness of the day through the miracle of a sunrise. It’s like a shot of adrenalin straight into my heart every morning. I beat myself up sometimes for my lack of discipline in the ways of sitting meditation but I show up for the sunrise every morning. Workday or on the weekend, it matters not. This is where I am juiced. This is the vitamin D that floods my entire being. This is the only time of day where my face isn’t slathered in sunscreen. Nothing gets between me and this moment of connection. It’s big, it’s universal, it’s personal, it’s indescribable.

So photograph it, I will. And, when I can catch it, I’ll continue to celebrate the day’s majestic endings. If it’s not on the page, or in the camera lens, the sunset is in my imagination. Bounced in all its yellow-orange-red glory to the same place where the sunrise lives. Inside of my heart.

I am solar powered 24/7. Enjoy, all!

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