Summer Hiatus is Officially Over – “Back to Blog” Edition is here!

Thank you, kind people, for allowing a little break in the blogging schedule here at the sunrise/sunset ranch (lol). Well, I’m back now and hoping to stay in touch a bit more regularly. I’m happy to say, I kept up with my morning and evening sun photo shooting.  As usual, with cats circling my ankles! That’s my daily meditation and would be hard pressed to go without this lucky ritual.

It’s still hot as blazes here in South Florida this late August month. Tropical storms still loom out in the distance and we do our best to keep them far, far away. Now that I’ve got you here, without further delay, let’s just get right to the photo collection, about 36 this time from the past weeks. I hope you enjoy them, I think some of these are my best,  and also encourage you to join me on the interactive  photo-posting Facebook page ( corresponds to my book and this blog. Enjoy!

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