Lovely images, lovely words, and some plans

The weeks are flying by. 2015 feels like a big year to me. The one thing that’s been sorely missing is a consistent showing of the sun. But, we do what we can and I continue to snap the elusive picture and dig into the archives for some historically pleasing photos. And, on Facebook (shown here), we’re getting pretty regular about matching my photos with NEW inspirational passages. At least, new to me. Going through the pages of well-known people – as in the style of the book (Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude) but lately placing the words right onto the photos. Let me know what you think about this newer style idea. Contemplating new ideas for a next book, too. What do you think about focusing on clouds? Match them up with some meditations or more passages in the style of the first book. (First book, that makes me blush to be able to say that). Anyway, I’m anxious for your feedback. Meanwhile, some nice things are cooking for Sunrise, Sunset (the book). Jumping on the radio today in Montana, will be on Edie Weinstein’s show in Feb (will get details) and will have a feature in the mega-grocery-store-circulated magazine, FIRST FOR WOMEN in March. Can you believe it? I hardly can. Then another in a South Florida, very lovely, glossy magazine called LIFESTYLE. Also in March or April. My book will be the souvenir in everyone’s goodie bags at two esteemed events here in South Florida, AVDA’s luncheon  on February24th (to whom proceeds from the book are donated to help victims of domestic violence) and the annual volunteer luncheon for the LITERACY COALITION OF PALM BEACH on March 12th. On March 7th, you can find me at the Intuitive Fair at Changing Times bookstore in West Palm . That should be good fun. And, while I’m in a showing off mode, have you seen the article I wrote for It’s called: Chase Your Passion: Do These 5 Things To Achieve Your Dreams. I’m pretty proud of it and hope you enjoy it! See you around the sunrise and sunsets and hope you’ll add your beauties to the Facebook page. We’re waiting for you!

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Happy New Year Sun People

How about this for a new year’s email? And, after FINALLY unplugging a bit from all the running around in circles that creating and selling a book entails…

Happy New Year!!!!!

 I just wanted to tell you that I love, love, love the book.  I bought the first three sight unseen.   I loved it so much, I bought five more from Barnes and Noble, then I just got ten more from HCI – it’s a great New Year’s gift to people – which I don’t always do but I thought it was the perfect thing/time to support you and share the “52 Weeks of Awe and Gratitude”.



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Let’s just say that this little email is warming the cockles of my sunstruck heart (I JUST received it). And over the winter holidays, I had a chance to remember all the other things in my life that I’m grateful for. Like: my boyfriend who’s been a super trooper throughout the craziness of book tour; my crazy cats who never cease to both delight and exasperate me in equal measure; my good friends who make sipping bubbly even more giggle-provoking and sometimes teary-eyed with love; my two birds (Rashi and Tito) who put up with everything else while getting only smidgens of attention; my new gold Trek bicycle which is much nicer than the stolen one (good riddance to Big Pink); the ocean I see and visit as much as possible; the neighborhood ospreys, iguanas, turtles and ducks; the cinema which entertained me no end (via Benedict Cumberbatch – swoon- Michael Keaton – oh my goodness – and the guy who played Stephen Hawking – miraculous.) And, let’s not forget the maven, Meryl Streep. And, a good time was had staying home on this vacation time. I dread the word stay-cation so I won’t say it. There, I didn’t! When you live in paradise, it’s holiday every day.

I’m back at it now and getting a slow start. I’m all about cultivating kindness this year. In a bigger way than usual. The word just popped in and I like stating one major goal rather than a massive list of unachieavables. How about you? Oh, I’ve course I have to get back to my Peruvian Power Foods fighting weight and cut back on the bloody carbohydrates. Not too hard to do when Manuel, my food guru, keeps me in dark chocolate and figs every night!! It could be worse.

Here’s hoping you were cocooned with love over the holidays and that the warmth of that love powers you across the New Year into an amazing 2015. I’ll try to be more regular here, but lots of plates in the air these days. I do miss you.

All love, (and pretty sunrise sunset pictures)


Winter Holidays are Upon Us – and we’re raring to go!

Here I am, not as faithfully as my previous weekly posts, but being so busy has hampered my blog scheduling just a bit. I’m hopeful that the New Year will have me back on track. Soooooooo…..what are YOU doing for Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, all of the above? Traveling? If you are, be sure to snap some sunrises and sunsets and share them on my Facebook page!

The community is growing there. I call them (and me) my “backyard photographers.” Many deserve a higher caliber title but all in all, we’re all just pilgrims journeying through this world and sharing the beauty we see from the lens of whatever camera suits us. Imagine, some of the photos in my book are actually iphone pics. I love and value those as much as the others.

My book tour is winding down with my hometown signing taking place this Saturday in Boynton Beaach at the Barnes & Noble. In the meantime, I’ve been to Pittsburgh, St. Petersburgh, FL, Vero Beach, Santa Monica and Ventura. While in California, I fell in love with Ojai, the hometown of my first spiritual mentor, Krishnamurti. What an amazing sensation that was as I actually stayed in a house where he used to teach. Oh, did I mention that I spent that day visiting the one and only Kirk Douglas, visiting him and his wife in their Beverly Hills home? One of the perks of working for his publisher, you can imagine how dazzled I was. What a classy couple they are still – at 98 and 84. Beautiful people. It was, of course, my honor to be there. And, I got to be on Frank De Caro’s Sirius/XM radio show. Just plain fun, that was. He’s one of my fave authors who I was lucky to have contribute (the really only funny passage) to my book!

I’m not yet skilled in putting together the slide shows like my former web angel, Nettie, but I will post some photos from the last little bit of time the best I can, Enjoy and continue to stop and “smell the sunrise.” Be grateful for what your life entails and drink in the tremendous love and light of the holiday season.


VeroBeachSigning WednesdayDecSunrise1 WednesdayDecSunrise2 WednesdayDecSunrise3KirkDouglas photo 1Frank De Caro

A Thankful Thanksgiving

I’m writing from my sister’s home in Pittsburgh, witnessing pies being made by my brother-in-law, root vegetables roasted by my sis, afternoon beer being consumed by John, and the dog show playing in the background (go Nathan, the bloodhound!) while snow flurries come streaming down from the gray skies outside.  About to put on my cranberry sauce, then my boots, and head out to sister #2’s house for the big Thanksgiving family feast, but first a moment to reflect.

I got to play in the Miami Book Fair International last weekend and be a part of one of the most vital events in the book industry. It’s a place where the love of books is madly spread over days and city blocks and people remind us that books still really matter. I am so grateful to be a part of that community from every side, as a working publishing professional and now, an author.

Up and coming, I’ll make an appearance here at the local Barnes &Noble, then fly off to do the same in Santa Monica next week. Then another Unity Church in Ventura. I’ll even be on Frank De Caro’s radio show on Sirius radio. Yowsa!

So, how thankful am I today? The warmth and comfort of family, the love of John, the myriad of dear people who I get to call friend, a roof over my head that brings me the most amazing views every day, a wonderful place to work, my health, my pets and all of the other wonders of nature and helpful people in my life. My cup runneth over with so much and so much goodness.

To the growing community people who are posting their beautiful photos on my Facebook page, I send a special thank you. I wish everyone all the abundance, love and goodness that the Thanksgiving holiday represents and then some.

Keep on keeping on, y’all. And remember to stop and smell the sunrise!

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A Swirling Launch

Wow, it’s been 3 weeks since I posted here and you can imagine, I’ve been swept up in my little swirl of a book launch. And, the beat goes on (and on, and on!)

This Saturday (11/22), I’m ecstatic to be presenting my book at Miami Book Fair International – probably one of the best book fairs in the world (no kidding)! I’ll be with the wonderful Barb Schmidt who’s presenting her book, The Practice. You can read all about it here and if you’re at the fair stop by and see us at our booth on Writer’s Row. We’ll be there all day until our talk at 4:00 pm in Building 7.

Since last post, I’ve been to Unity Church in Delray Beach (FL), Barnes & Noble (Boca Raton), Books & Books (Miami) and Unity Church in St Pete (FL). I’m loving that people are buying Sunrise, Sunset in threes, fours and fives! My wrist and my trusty Tiffany pen have been getting a workout from all the autographing but I say, BRING IT ON!!! Having so much fun,  y’all.

You’ll see in the news section my coverage in the Sun Sentinel,  Coastal Star newspaper, and some super cool posts on site:  Mindful Word and Beliefnet  and today on the great big MindBodyGreen site! I’m bringing my traveling show to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving and putting my sisters and nieces to work at the local Barnes & Noble, and then I’m off to California for some shared spotlight with book contributors Frank De Caro, Gloria Loring, Betsy Chasse and Alexandra Katehakis (look them up, they are all AWESOME!) And, if I play my cards right, I’ll get to meet the master himself, Kirk Douglas. Fingers crossed.

More than anything, I think it must be said that even though I’m in the “gratitude business” 24/7 with my book, I am especially thankful during the holiday season for all of the good fortune this little book is bringing and for all the people that continue to be a part of the project. From everyone inside the book, to my boyfriend, John, who inspired the book, to the production people, sales people, editorial people (Christine Belleris) to the promoters on my side (Trish and Nettie especially), THANK YOU for helping some more beauty and positivity emanate in the world. Mwah!! I love you all!

Have an awesome week!

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It’s Here!

First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, second of all YAWN! My launch week has arrived and swept me up with all that a book launch entails. Complete with the high anxiety and the glee. (someone please remind me why I’m doing this? Lol)

I had an amazing time at the Peoria Women’s Lifestyle Show the past weekend and got to commune with some of my favorite HCI authors, particularly Manuel Villacorta (suspiciously, the only male in the group), Monica Parker, Rokelle Lerner, Barb Schmidt and Dorothy Breininger. It was a lovefest of gigantic proportions and I think Peoria will never be the same. Thanks for show organizer (also a veteran HCI author), Joy Miller, for treating us like royalty. Mwah!

Midweek undertook a campaign to encourage people to buy the book all at once on amazon (the rest of the week is fine, too, btw!) And, have been obsessively watching amazon numbers, something I advise authors that I work with NOT to do. However, I reached a new pinnacle in my career: I have the #2 ranked book in STAR-GAZING. Don’t you love it? I kind of do. It’s sounds like me, anyway.

I  had two radio interviews, a feature article in Boca Raton Observer Magazine, a piece in PB Gardens Lifestyle magazine, an article in the Miami Herald, another in the Palm Beach Post and did my first bookstore signing at the venerable Books & Books in Coral Gables, Fl, with its hallowed halls and books galore – John wandering about in between taking photos of me – saying, “I could spend a thousand dollars here, easy!” Luckily, he didn’t. What charmed me the most (after the treacherous 2 hour drive to get to the store – and back) was how people had me sign multiple copies of Sunrise, Sunset for gifts. That warms my heart.

And, now, I hope your heart is sufficiently warmed too. Thank you for being here.

You can access all my interviews and features over on my In The Press page – I hope you enjoy them!

Have an awesome week!

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Daytime, More Kirk Douglas and Peoria!

*P* day is Tuesday – how did it get to be so close? Just two more days and my baby gets sent out to the world.

On Monday I was at NBC Tampa studios to appear on Daytime to promote my book. It was so exciting to be interviewed on live TV and to see what goes on behind the scenes. You can watch the interview below – hope you enjoy it!

You may remember last week that I told you I was working on a new book by Kirk Douglas in the day job and that I sent him a copy of my book? Well, this week I got a letter from the divine Mr. Douglas. He said such lovely things about Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude. I’m thrilled and honored to share it with you here.


This weekend I was one of the key speakers at the Peoria Women’s Lifestyle Show. What a blast! I got to see some of the contributors to my book, met some wonderful women and made my first sale! I’ve included some of the photos in the slideshow below.

If you spent any time on my Facebook page last week, you’ll have seen an ever-growing number of people taking time to share their own images of nature. It has been so exciting for me to watch this little community grow, to encourage taking the time to share the awe and gratitude that we all experience in our lives. I want each and every one of you to know how much I appreciate your photographs and comments. You rock!

I may be back before Friday..well, you know I’ll want to celebrate on Tuesday! So if you see my little book on your travels, please take a copy home with you!

Have an awesome week!

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You know, I really wish my late mother was around because… KIRK DOUGLAS HAS A COPY OF MY BOOK!! (and he told his publicist he thought I was pretty…OMG, can you stand it?) Yes, I’m working on his book here at my day job and this is a very special perk. I may even get to meet him when I’m out in LA promoting my book. What a kick!

This week was remarkable in several ways. I got to photograph a gathering of indigenous South Florida water birds, one of which was a majestic osprey. Seeing one of these sea hawks always feels like a good omen. And, after returning from this impromptu after-work photo session, John and I had a visitation of another osprey perched on the terrace in front of ours.  As if that wasn’t magical enough, the moment I stepped onto my terrace the following morning, the same osprey flew from his perch, over my head out into the wild. These are moments of awe that stay with me for a long time.

In the bigger news about my book, we’re going back to press even before the book is actually in the stores because we got another very big order – this one from a grocery store distributor. So now, you can buy your eggs, kale, brownies and MY BOOK. I think they should trot me out in the produce section. I could probably move a lot of veggies while hawking my book.

On the subject of awe, over on Facebook I shared the ways in which feeling and acknowledging awe can have a positive impact on your life. For instance, did you know that studies have shown that experiencing awe can make us more creative? As usual, you can see a selection of my photographs in the slide show at the bottom of this page. If you get creative after looking at them be sure to share your creations over on my Facebook page.

I’m scheduled for a national TV interview in Tampa on Monday so I’m off to get my eyelashes put on tonight. I hope Kirk Douglas is watching when it airs (wink, wink!)

Have an awesome week!

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Sunrise, Tardiness and Lots To Do!

We’re only eighteen days away from the official October 28th launch and I’m starting to wake up in the middle of the night thinking of all the things I have still to get done. It’s high anxiety of the most positive kind (if that’s possible). I’m feverishly contacting colleagues in the media, asking them to PLEASE do something; I’m writing articles for magazines and being interviewed them (blush); and I’m tugging on the folks who are not responding (argh).

In the midst of all this, I composed, recorded and shipped off a theme song for a new women’s conference called “Women Reshaping the World” which was debuted (in my absence) in Halifax, Nova Scotia this Tuesday. I’m relieved to say they reported back that my song was well received. What a relief! You can listen to the song, “What if it were…a woman”, below but it will only be up for a couple of weeks: Tell me what you think?

Most importantly, my sunrise/sunset obsession is in full bloom and until the “fall forward” time change occurs, I will reliably be late for work each day as the sun decides to poke through the clouds and over the horizon later and later each day. Between that and the unbearable highway traffic, I don’t have a chance of getting in on time but at least my being tardy has professional motivation. P.S. when that time change does happen, can someone please petition my boss to let me leave work early? I can’t imagine missing a whole season of sunsets. Can you?

You should also see what’s happening on my Facebook (book/fan) page. People are starting to come forward and help me create a community by posting their gorgeous photos from around the world. I hope you’ll do the same!

As usual, I’ve included a selection of this week’s photos below. Enjoy and have an awesome week!

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Strategy, Belief and Reviews

My life is so incredibly blessed just now. Each new week is more exciting that the last and I LOVE being able to share it with you here.

This week I was interviewed by Strategy Magazine and you can read the story they published here. It was so exciting answering questions about my little book. I can’t believe that I’ll be letting it out into the world on its own in less than four weeks. I’m such a proud book mama! I’ll be launching my books at Books and Books on October 30th – invitations are already on their way.

My other “big” news is that I have been invited to put together a slide show of my photographs with captions over on Beliefnet. I am over the moon, truly floating with happiness! I have such respect for this site and have long been a fan. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

I was excited to receive a review of my book from Mumbai. This is what Corinne Rodrigues had to say:

What a wonderful project this book is! This is the kind of book, I’d like to delve into now and then to be inspired and feast my eyes. The pictures are fantastic and you already know how I lap up affirmations and inspirational quotes. Absolutely my kind of book!

You can read the review here.

My Thank You campaign on Facebook is going well and I was super excited to thank two of my icons this week: John Bradshaw and Jack Canfield. I am amazed and grateful that they have each made their own contribution to my book.

On a personal note, my beau John is home from his world travels and having him here to share this amazing time with me makes it all the more special – thank you sweetie xxx

Please remember to subscribe to my news and connect with me on Facebook and other social media. The links are all over there on the right.

Have an awesome week!

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