September 11, 2015 – the perfect day to reflect on the beauty that is – and some special kids

Probably my most memorable experience related to the date of September 11th is getting to go to NY in 2011, to Ground Zero, with a bunch of 10-year-old kids, each one born on that tragic day in 2001. Little did I know when I was watching the fiasco  on television news, something like we’ve never seen before, that so many amazing souls were being delivered to planet earth. A blessing, each one of them.

This particular group had been part of a book we published called Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 911. And, as is the tradition to reflect on the positive here at HCI , (and personally as well), working on this book proved to be cathartic for many on staff. We were proud to pass that experience along to our readers. Who knew ten years later I’d be sailing on the Circle Line with this group of “models.”

Naturally, the media wanted to follow up on these kids and see how they were doing. That included media from Europe as well as the US. These kids got photographed (again), written about, and broadcast over the airwaves all around the world. I got to be there to help coordinate their efforts. In between the spells of rain, the air that day felt palpable and my eyes stayed moist. The monument wasn’t finished yet but the cavern where it was being built exuded an odd power.

Here it is a few years later and I can’t help but feel like I gained something tremendously valuable by working with Christine Pisera Naman, the author of Faces of Hope and the mother of Trevor, one of the children born on 9/11. Lemons into lemonade is too pedestrian a term for what this project means but, I’ll settle for that expression now. Lemons are in almost every dish I prepare and turning around an unfortunate experience into a blessing is a lifelong practice, or at least ambition, of mine.

I dedicate this album of photos – which I think might be my best yet – to the souls who departed that day and to the ones that came in. And, to the rest of us in the wings, finding ours.

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Sunrise Sunset takes to the walls of Boynton Civic Center – My first actual photo exhibiton

If I could tell you how excited, frightened and out of my mind I am about displaying my photos at an art exhibition, I’d have to jump out of my skin into some kind of video and just spend an entire minute SCREAMING!! For joy, for wonder, for awe & gratitude. How my little book got me here and where it’s taking me is a ride I never anticipated. I can’t explain it. I can only allow the adventures to keep scooping me up and flinging me into the wonders of the unknown!! As I twitch and tweet all day, I’ll leave you with a couple weeks worth of images and inspirations. I hope you love them. And, I hope you’ll share them and let hear from you – on my Facebook page and here! Wish me luck, sun people!

boynton art exhibit 1 boynton art exhibit 2 boynton art exhibit 3

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More Reviews and a Worthy Cause

It’s been another hectic week here on my terrace. The sun kept rising and setting, rising and setting…it’s lucky I was there to document it! As usual, at the bottom of the page you can see the pics you may have missed if you’re not connected with me on Facebook. May I suggest you click on the little button over there on the right so you don’t miss any more? You know you want to!

I have been so blessed this week to have received several new, positive reviews of my book. You can read them using the links below.

~ by Linda Kissam on

~ by Pastor Dan Curnutt

~ by Brenda on Goodreads

I am so happy and grateful that my book is already bringing joy to people.

What you may not know is that a sizeable portion of the proceeds from my book will go to a wonderful charity, Aid To Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc. This wonderful organisation provides help, support and aid to women who have experienced abuse from a partner and I am so glad that by sharing the beauty I see from my terrace each day I can help those who have lived through such ugliness. Please check out their web site and donate if you can. With so much nastiness and hurt in the world it’s good to show gratitude for all we have by donating even a little to organisations such as this.

Whatever you do, have an awesome week!

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