Daytime, More Kirk Douglas and Peoria!

*P* day is Tuesday – how did it get to be so close? Just two more days and my baby gets sent out to the world.

On Monday I was at NBC Tampa studios to appear on Daytime to promote my book. It was so exciting to be interviewed on live TV and to see what goes on behind the scenes. You can watch the interview below – hope you enjoy it!

You may remember last week that I told you I was working on a new book by Kirk Douglas in the day job and that I sent him a copy of my book? Well, this week I got a letter from the divine Mr. Douglas. He said such lovely things about Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude. I’m thrilled and honored to share it with you here.


This weekend I was one of the key speakers at the Peoria Women’s Lifestyle Show. What a blast! I got to see some of the contributors to my book, met some wonderful women and made my first sale! I’ve included some of the photos in the slideshow below.

If you spent any time on my Facebook page last week, you’ll have seen an ever-growing number of people taking time to share their own images of nature. It has been so exciting for me to watch this little community grow, to encourage taking the time to share the awe and gratitude that we all experience in our lives. I want each and every one of you to know how much I appreciate your photographs and comments. You rock!

I may be back before Friday..well, you know I’ll want to celebrate on Tuesday! So if you see my little book on your travels, please take a copy home with you!

Have an awesome week!

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It’s been an interesting and fun-filled week. If you follow my fan page on Facebook – and you really should – you’ll have seen the beautiful photographs I’ve shared there. I am so blessed to be able to see these images from my terrace on a daily basis. I’ve included a small selection of them at the bottom of this post. Please enjoy!

I’ve also taken you on a whistle-stop world tour of sunsets from around the world. We’ve been to India, China, Japan, Italy and France. See what you’ve been missing!

Today I also want to share something about the Peoria Women’s Lifestyle Show in Illinois. This annual show takes place on October 25th this year and I am honored to be one of six guest speakers. This exciting event has someone for everyone and in the words of the organizers,

“It takes a year to create, but for one magical day each year, the world
stops as women celebrate with their best friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, and each other…”

I’ll be sharing the stage at Peoria with three of the contributors to my book – available to pre-order on Amazon now -: Rokelle Lerner, Barb Schmidt and Dorothy Breininger, so do come along and say hello if you can.

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Have an awesome week!

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