Happy New Year Sun People

How about this for a new year’s email? And, after FINALLY unplugging a bit from all the running around in circles that creating and selling a book entails…

Happy New Year!!!!!

 I just wanted to tell you that I love, love, love the book.  I bought the first three sight unseen.   I loved it so much, I bought five more from Barnes and Noble, then I just got ten more from HCI – it’s a great New Year’s gift to people – which I don’t always do but I thought it was the perfect thing/time to support you and share the “52 Weeks of Awe and Gratitude”.



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Let’s just say that this little email is warming the cockles of my sunstruck heart (I JUST received it). And over the winter holidays, I had a chance to remember all the other things in my life that I’m grateful for. Like: my boyfriend who’s been a super trooper throughout the craziness of book tour; my crazy cats who never cease to both delight and exasperate me in equal measure; my good friends who make sipping bubbly even more giggle-provoking and sometimes teary-eyed with love; my two birds (Rashi and Tito) who put up with everything else while getting only smidgens of attention; my new gold Trek bicycle which is much nicer than the stolen one (good riddance to Big Pink); the ocean I see and visit as much as possible; the neighborhood ospreys, iguanas, turtles and ducks; the cinema which entertained me no end (via Benedict Cumberbatch – swoon- Michael Keaton – oh my goodness – and the guy who played Stephen Hawking – miraculous.) And, let’s not forget the maven, Meryl Streep. And, a good time was had staying home on this vacation time. I dread the word stay-cation so I won’t say it. There, I didn’t! When you live in paradise, it’s holiday every day.

I’m back at it now and getting a slow start. I’m all about cultivating kindness this year. In a bigger way than usual. The word just popped in and I like stating one major goal rather than a massive list of unachieavables. How about you? Oh, I’ve course I have to get back to my Peruvian Power Foods fighting weight and cut back on the bloody carbohydrates. Not too hard to do when Manuel, my food guru, keeps me in dark chocolate and figs every night!! It could be worse.

Here’s hoping you were cocooned with love over the holidays and that the warmth of that love powers you across the New Year into an amazing 2015. I’ll try to be more regular here, but lots of plates in the air these days. I do miss you.

All love, (and pretty sunrise sunset pictures)


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